Remember when "cut" and "paste" used to mean using scissors and glue? This tut will help you create a charming little box that you can cut out and glue together. These boxes are the perfect size for gifts or for display on a miniature shelf. (or any other thing your lil' heart desires.)

See an example of seven completed boxes ready for cutting here.

**SPECIAL PRINTING NOTE** If you print from your browser, the image will fit on a letter-sized paper. If printing from a saved image in Paint Shop Pro, reduce the size by 70% and sharpen once.

Supplies needed:

PSP6 or PSP7
BladePro (optional)
Eye Candy (optional)
Jewelry Box Selection
(Get it here. unzip to your Selections folder)

Jewelry Box Selection

Tubes, tiles. images and fills of your choice. Jane has some excellent ones at her site. You can find my fills at wompietiles and my tubes at wompietubes. Jazzl also offers some excellent tubes at her site.

For the purposes of this tutorial, I am using a greeting card I scanned, a fill made from it using my country wallpaper fills tut, and a country button tube made from Jane's tut. You may download them here.


Ok, got all your supplies unzipped and installed? Let's make a jewelry box!

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