Country Wallpaper Tiles

Open any graphic. Let's use this one by Helen Rundell.

I like my wallpaper tiles to be 100 x 100, so I'm going to select a part of the graphic. Double-click the selection tool. Use these coordinates.

Then "image", "crop to selection." Now we have a 100 x 100 graphic to work with. Now apply "Effects", "Reflection Effects", "Rotating Mirror" to your graphic. I used these settings:

Now apply "Effects", "Reflection Effects", "Pattern" and really play around with these settings. Every change you make makes a different looking tile. I used these settings for this tile.

By applying these settings again, you can come up with a plethora of tiles! It's fun! It's easy! It requires no outside filters! And the results are beautiful! Here's some more I made.
These were from this graphic by Nancy Noel with slightly different settings.


This was from one of RD's paintings.

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