Supplies needed:

PSP version 7

Country tubes from Jane's (click on tubes, country)

Your country wallpaper tiles
(or you may use mine, save to your own hard drive)

A quilting block
(choose one and save to your own hard drive)

Open the quilting block image of your choice in PSP. Increase to 24 bit. ("colors"...increase color depth"..."16 million colors")

 Open the country background tiles you want to "quilt" with. Reduce the fills only by 50%.("image"..."resize") Don't forget to use the sharpen filter after you resize them. Minimize these fills for later use.

With the quilting block active, select your magic wand tool, "0" tolerance, and select one color in your quilting block. (Hold the shift key down to select multiple areas.) Expand the selection by 1 pixel. ("selections"..."modify"..."expand")

*Add a new raster layer.*

Set your styles palette to "pattern." 

Click inside the Styles box and choose one of your country wallpaper fills. Click "ok." Use your fill tool (the paint bucket) to fill the selection.

Open your layer palette and select the background layer. Select another color on your quilting block, expand by 1 pixel, add a new raster layer, and fill with another country wallpaper fill. I used quilting block 3 and mine looks like this now:

Repeat going back to the background layer, the selecting, expanding, adding new raster layers, and filling until you have your quilt block "quilted." Here's how mine turned out:
4 pixel border added:

You may want to save this tile so you can use it as a background tile for a web page later.

Now let's make our "quilt."

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