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Add a new raster layer. Place the wompieeaster3 tube on the egg. (**NOTE** For instructions on using individual tubes instead of a solid picture, see this page.) Go to selections, select all, selections, float. Your tube image should now be selected. Add a new layer and apply the cutout effects just like you did for the egg layer. (First new layer, vertical 9, horizontal 10, opacity 25, blur 28, shadow color black...second new layer, same settings except vertical -9, horizontal -10)

De-select. ("Ctrl"..."D")

Add a new raster layer. Start decorating around your panorama with Jane's wp306 tube, sized at 50%. Add one at the top of the panorama; use the mover tool to place it just right. If you have the FMTile filters, apply a blend emboss to this tube. Don't forget to sharpen once first, as we resized the tube.
Copy this layer. ("Ctrl"..."C") Paste as a new layer. ("Ctrl"..."L") Flip the layer ("Image"..."Flip")  and place at the bottom of your panorama. Paste another as a new layer and rotate it 90 degrees to the right. ("Image"..."Rotate") Sharpen once. Place this layer to the right of the panorama. Copy this layer and paste as a new layer. Mirror it and place it to the left of the panorama. Continue copying and pasting and rotating and sharpening and placing the tubes all around the outside of your panorama until you get it just like you want it. Here's what mine looks like:
(image reduced for faster loading)

Now, make all your layers invisible in the layers palette (click on the little eyeglasses; don't forget the cutout layers) except for the tubed layers around the panorama. Make sure one of the tubed layers is selected, and merge visible. Add a drop shadow to the merged layer. I used Eye Candy with these settings:

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