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To use individual tubes like my Easter Pussy example on the first page, follow the instructions for making and filling your egg with the crystallized tile and adding the cutout effects. Then go back to the egg layer. Choose your selections tool, ellipse. Draw an ellipse on the bottom half of the egg where you want your panorama to be. While still selected, hit the "delete" key. Add a new raster layer. Pick a lighter color from the egg for the foreground and a darker shade of that color for the background. Then flood fill with a Foreground-Background linear gradient using these settings:

While still selected, add noise. (effects, noise, add noise) Use these settings:

Keep selected, and add a new raster layer. Apply the cutout effect just like we did on the egg. Apply it twice in two different layers just as we did before. Add new raster layers and put whatever tubes you like inside the egg.
Thanks for trying the wompietut and Happy Easter!