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This wompietut was inspired by:

Classic Designs by Sharon

Supplies needed for this wompietut:

"Filter Factory A" Plug-In (download here)
Eye Candy (optional)
Xenofex Demo (download here) (optional)
BladePro (optional)
Dizzinz's "Sweethearts" font (download here)
Some flower tubes (something romantic)

Ok, got all your supplies unzipped and installed? Let's make a Valentine Greeting!

Open a new image, 400x400, invisible background. Add a new raster layer.

Select the font tool and type the letter "f"  size...172...anti-alias...floating. Use a dark gray color. (I used #808080.) Keep the heart selected and position it roughly in the middle of your image.

Apply the Filter Factory "Pool Shadow." (image...plug-in filters....Filter Factory A...pool shadow)

Keep the heart selected and apply an inner bevel with Eye Candy or PSP. I used Eye Candy with these settings:

Bevel width: 3
Bevel Shape: rounded
Smoothness: 5
Shadow Depth: 25
Highlight Brightness: 80
Highlight Sharpness: 45
Direction: 135
Inclination: 45

Keep the heart selected and apply a drop-shadow with Eye Candy or PSP. I used Eye Candy with these settings:

Direction: 267
Distance: 5
Blur: 10
Opacity: 34

De-select the heart. ("Ctrl"..."D")

Add a new rastor layer. Start decorating with flower tubes, etc...

*NOTE: Make sure to put each decoration in it's own layer. Make sure to sharpen each tube that you re-size. Adding a drop shadow to each decoration gives your graphic more depth, also. Move the layers around, too. You may even want some of your decorations behind the heart.

When you have your heart all decorated just the way you want it, let's add our text and xenofex stain.

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