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Let's make some muted Victorian tiles! These can be used for background fills, flood fills for graphics projects, or whatever your lil heart desires. They're fun to make! And easy! Here is an example of a web page set made with them. (For this background, I made the Victorian tile layer at 75% opacity so my text would show up better.)

Supplies needed:

Eye Candy

Open a new image, 100 x 100, transparent background. Flood fill the image with a solid color. (I choose #000080.)

Apply Eye Candy HSB noise (image...plug in filters...Eye Candy...HSB noise) I used these settings:

wompiemutedvictilestut1.jpg (120888 bytes)
*NOTE: Play around with these settings. You will get a different effect every time. (Yes, the hue variation here is 62. The higher the hue variation is, the stranger the colors that come out atcha. Blue tile above had a much lower hue variation.)

Now use the kaleidoscope filter in PSP. (image...effects...kaleidoscope)
I used these settings:

wompiemutedvictilestut2.jpg (44636 bytes)
*NOTE: Play around with any of these settings except Scale Factor, Number of Orbits and Radial Suction.

Save as a .gif file. Tah Dah! If you want to see how your wallpaper tiles, open a new image, 400x400, transparent background and flood fill with your new creation. Here's how mine turned out:

wompievictileblue2.gif (12351 bytes)

wompietutshome.jpg (19111 bytes)