Here's more uses for that plethora of country tiles you've made! You may also download any of my wompietiles or go grab some of Jane's. The best part about this heart tassel is, every one is unique. You can tube them and use them for a variety of purposes. I used one to make the divider bars for my wompietubes site. They would make darling decorations for your printable projects, too.

This idea originally came from Jane. Several people have requested a tut for making them, so with Jane's help, I've written this one.

Supplies needed:

PSP version 7

Tile fills from Jane's or wompietiles or tile fills of your own making.

For the purposes of this tutorial, we will be using this wompietile:

(Save to your hard drive.)

**NOTE**CandyKis has illustrated the technique for making the loopy bow with an viewlet tutorial. This tutorial is for PSP7 and can be seen here. The bow is very easy to make once you have actually "seen" how it is done.

Open your tile of choice in PSP. Set your foreground color to a dark shade that you want your ribbon to be. Set your background color to a light shade of the same color. I am using #4F307E foreground and #D1C1E8 background. 

Minimize your tile fill for now.

Open a new image, 400 x 400, transparent background.

*Add a new raster layer.*

Set your foreground and background to pattern. Select the tile fill. (You may want to fill at 50% or 25%, but I am using 100%.)

Use your Preset Shapes tool with the following settings to draw a heart. (Make it nice and fat.)

Use your selection tool, Rectangle, 0 Feather, Antialias checked to draw a rectangle around the heart. Click inside the heart to select it. Add an inner bevel ("Effects"..."3D Effects"..."Inner Bevel") using these settings:

De-select. ("Ctrl"..."D")

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