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Lace Edged Hearts

This wompietut was inspired by my friend and very talented artist, Jane. (She let me write this tut, 'cause it was "my turn.") Please visit her site for some of the best tubes on the net. The tubes in her Country Tubes section are drawn entirely from scratch.

The satin-looking hearts were drawn in Real Draw Pro. The program is free for 30 days with a $49.00 registration fee thereafter. If you want to use it to draw your own hearts, you can download it here. You may also have some hearts you have drawn in PSP, or you may use the tubes I have provided for you here.

*Supplies Needed:*

PSP7 (or adapt this tut to PSP6)
Heart Tube -or- Heart Tube 2
Tubes to decorate your heart (Find some at Jane's or Wompietubes)

Ok, got all your supplies unzipped and installed? Let's make our lace edging!

Many thanks to Fly By Night Graphics group!