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wompietutswelchsgrapevinewreath.jpg (58540 bytes)

De-select. ("Ctrl", "D")

*Add a new raster layer.*

Keep adding new raster layers, drawing, filling, using the inner bevel, then de-selecting on about 6-8 layers of squiggly lines. Make your wreath as skinny or as fat as you like. Here's mine: (image size reduced for faster loading)

wompiehsgrapevinewreathtut4.jpg (30810 bytes)

Open your layers palette. Delete Layer 2. (The layer with the Sweetheart font in it)

Go back up to your last layer.
*Add a new raster layer.*

**NOTE**CandyKis has illustrated the technique for making the loopy bow with an viewlet tutorial. This tutorial is for PSP7 and can be seen here. The bow is very easy to make once you have actually "seen" how it is done.

Select the line tool. Use these settings:

wompiehsgrapevinewreathtut5.jpg (18844 bytes)

Set your foreground color to black and your background color to either white (if you want to flood fill ribbon with a pattern) or the color you want your ribbon to be.
Draw your bow loop by starting at one point on the wreath and looping around in an oval shape. Don't let up on the mouse and loop back around to your starting point. Do NOT have the starting point and the ending point of the loop meet. Here's mine: (image reduced for faster loading)

wompiehsgrapevinewreathtut6.jpg (39511 bytes)

*Add a new raster layer.*

Add as many loops as you like (each on their own separate layer) to get the fluffiness you want to your bow.

*Add a new raster layer.*

Using the same settings on your draw tool, add an irregularly-shaped circle for the loop of the bow.

Add new raster layers under the loop layer to draw the streamers for your bow. Draw as many as you like, but put each one on it's own separate layer. Here's mine: (image reduced for faster loading)

wompiehsgrapevinewreathtut7.jpg (44312 bytes)

Now let's weave some ribbon through our wreath.

*Add a new raster layer.*
(Add the layer right below your first bow loop layer.)

Draw a ribbon all the way around your wreath, starting just under the bow loop and looping back around, making sure not to let the starting point and the ending point meet. Your wreath should now look something like this: (image reduced for faster loading)

wompiehsgrapevinewreathtut8.jpg (46799 bytes)

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