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I want a "quilt" three blocks by three blocks. My "quilted" quilt block is 117 pixels square. After some quick math, (117x3=351) I know what size to increase my canvas. First, copy your block. (click the two little pieces of paper) Then, increase your canvas size. ("Image"..."Canvas size") Use these settings:

You should now have a square with your smaller block in the left-hand corner. Paste as a new layer 8 times. ("Ctrl"..."L") Move each block to meet like a quilt. Zoom in if necessary to line them up right.

Merge all layers. ("Layers"..."Merge"..."Merge all visible")

Reduce the size of this image by 25%. Sharpen once. Your image should now look something like this:

Now, we're going to make the quilt piece longer. My image is 88x88. I want two quilt pieces, one on top of the other. I'm going to copy this image first, then increase my canvas size. This time I will leave the width the same (88), but I will double the length. (176) You may have to make adjustments on these sizes, depending on the size of your quilt. Now I have a quilt that looks like this:

You may want to tube your quilt at this point, for later use. (First, merge your layers, visible, then export as a tube.)("File"..."export".."picture tube")

Now let's "hang" our quilt.

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