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My very first award from PSP7 Egroup! Thank you so much, Barbara!
I really enjoyed seeing all of the creations the list made with my tutorials.

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Wompie Valentine Greeting and Wompie Plaques tut featured at Graphic Buds.

Wompie Valentine Greeting tut featured at Imagination Unlimited, February Activity.

Wompietuts featured at PSP Made EZ

Thank you, Lady Bordeaux, for the lovely award!

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What an honor to be chosen Graphic Buds Site on Parade!

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Wompietuts featured at 20forPSP eGroup. Thanks for the lovely graphic!

Thank you so much, Jazzl! This award was quite an unexpected surprise!

Wompietuts featured at Graphic Buds Online Classes.

Here is my prize for completing the Graphic Buds Easter Egg Hunt.  I won a CD with loads of images and tubes on it, too!
Thank you, Ari, for this!

A dear Graphic Bud Friend, Pat of Rainbow Row Graphics, drew this for me from scratch. Isn't it amazing? Thank you so much, Pat!

What a gorgeous award Jane sent me. Thank you, Jane! I just love them sloppy licks! ~L~

What a nice surprise in my email from a member of Jazzl's Tubes Group! You're evah so welcome, Tigger!

Thank you SO much, Jax! What a lovely surprise and wonderful poem!

~My Shining Star~ 30/01/02

You Noticed me as I passed your way..
You Turned and smiled it made my day..
I thought you'd not notice me passing by..
But then you did. And I wondered why?
Then I realized, just who you are...
Your 'One' in a million, a shining Star !

Because of the kindness that shines from within
It beams from your soul...and lets me see in,
You impart to others your gift of Caring,
And Make all people feel special By simply Caring.

So for today I want to say..
Now it's your turn to Pass my way..
I'll Smile at you. And return your caring
As my Special Star with you I am Sharing.


This Poem Was written by me, Particularly for Three Special Ladies!
You will all know who you are of course when you receive this,
I want to say to all of you here as I have in e-mails, Without your
encouragement and Special ways of Showing you care, What ever I create, has a touch of you in it! These are not just words they are meant so  Very sincerely.
I am truly indebted to you all!
With Love Jackie (Jax)

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