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wompietutslistwelc.jpg (57600 bytes)

Now, go back to your lines layer and make it active. Then add a new raster layer. Flood fill this layer with your gingham brown pattern.

With the gingham layer active, use your selection tool with these settings:

wompielisttut2.jpg (13464 bytes)

Draw a rectangle on the gingham layer using starting at 40,25 and going to 256, 735. Hit  the "delete" key. Your image should now look something like this: (image reduced by 50% for faster loading)

wompielisttut3.jpg (39244 bytes)

Now, all that's left to do is add new layers for your text! You might also want to add a black border, 2 pixels wide for ease in cutting out your printables.

Now wasn't that easy? You did really well! If you would like to see my completed list on a printable page, just follow wompie. I have two more pages of printable lists here.

wompietutshome.jpg (19111 bytes) wompietutsnext.jpg (17415 bytes)