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wompietutswelchsgrapevinewreath.jpg (58540 bytes)

Open a new image 400x400, transparent background.

*Add a new raster layer.*

Select the text tool. Type the letter "b" using Dizzinz's Sweetheart font, size 300, floating, anti-alias. Use a light color; we will be deleting this layer later, but you want to be able to see the shape through your grapevines. Deselect the heart. ("Ctrl" "D")

*Add a new raster layer.*

Select the draw tool, Use these settings:

wompiehsgrapevinewreathtut1.jpg (18028 bytes)

Set your foreground color to a darker color than your heart. Draw a squiggly line the shape of your heart.

Open one of your wood textures. I used this one:

wood071.gif (9699 bytes)

Minimize this image for later use.
Select your magic wand tool. Use these settings:

wompiehsgrapevinewreathtut2.jpg (16140 bytes)

Click on your squiggly line to select it. Flood fill with your wood pattern. Keep the line selected. Add an inner bevel with Eye Candy using these settings:

wompiehsgrapevinewreathtut3.jpg (151339 bytes)

**NOTE** If you don't have Eye Candy, you can get the same effect with an inner bevel. I used these settings:

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