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wompietutsbhboxwelc.jpg (68808 bytes)

Make Layer 2 active. (The layer with the Selection) Use the magic wand tool to click inside the roof outline. Expand by 2 pixels. (Selection...modify...expand) Add a new raster layer. Minimize this image and open one of the roof tiles. Choose one to match the birdhouse. I chose this one:

shingle1.jpg (1267 bytes)

Re-size the tile by 50%. Rotate 90 degrees to the right. Sharpen image. Minimize the tile and go back to your birdhouse. Flood fill the roof with your tile. De-select. ("Ctrl"..."D")

Your image should now look something like this: (image re-sized for faster loading)

wompietutsbhtut4.jpg (34745 bytes)

**NOTE** I decided to move my merged border layer to the bottom of the box. I then erased the overlap in the arch tab portion.

Now let's make our outline a little less noticeable. Go back to layer 2, your birdhouse outline layer. Use your magic wand to select any of the black lines. Go to " similar." Flood-fill the black lines with a color just a little darker than your background fill. For this box, I used #54668A.

Now, in this same layer, use your magic wand tool to click inside the hole in the birdhouse to select. Add a new raster layer. Flood fill with white. Contract by 3 pixels. (Selections...modify...contract) Hit the "delete" key. De-select. ("Ctrl"..."D")

Use your magic wand tool to select only the white outline of the hole. Flood-fill with your color of choice or you may want to use a BladePro pre-set. I used CC sparkly pink on mine. De-select.

Now go back to layer 2 (your birdhouse outline) and select the inside of the hole by clicking on the blue part. Add a new raster layer. Flood-fill with a linear gradient or your color of choice. I used these settings:

wompietutsbhtut5.jpg (21678 bytes)


Voila! Your image is now ready to export as .jpg with a compression of 1. Make sure to add instructions for printing.

**NOTE** Two holes in the roof at the apex make your box ready for hanging, too.

See my birdhouse box ready for printing on the next page. See Jane's birdhouse boxes here and here and here.

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